An Oak Table that Seats 10-12

Hello Woodworkers!

I hope you enjoy some pics of my latest piece for a client found here in this album. It is always challenging to be a conduit for someone else's vision because it takes you out of your comfort zone in all areas of the craft. Before designing this piece I had never really looked into this style, whatever style it is. Because of the size, (11' long by 4' wide, and 2" thick) the trestle base had to be super robust to carry the weight. The few parts that make up the base, structurally, are huge and heavy, and even simple cross cuts can be challenging with that girth. I bored through-mortises in the feet and upper cross members so the column makes a strong, resilient, and simple connection to the base.

In order to limit shop congestion, I made the table top first and delivered it a month ahead of the base. Temporarily, I installed the top in the client's house on saw horses that were cut to the correct table height of 30". This ended up being a great idea because it separated this large project into two phases giving me the opportunity to approach each part as individual an product.  

I've been working hard, also, to keep up with Magport orders while at the same time developing and testing new products I hope to bring to market soon.  It's been a blast shepherding Magport through these areas unknown to me.  All I can hope is that people who buy them find that our fittings really do help and that their money has been well spent. 



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