Covid Update

Fortunately, before the worldwide shutdown, we were able to stock up on all of the materials we need to make Magports for many months into the future.  Therefore, we are still on a schedule of shipping 1.5 weeks from order date, and in some cases, even sooner.  Our production is limited to only a few people, myself included, where conveniently we wear masks and gloves to protect ourselves from material contamination, thereby protecting the consumer as well.  The very final stage of assembly involves a thorough cleaning using solvents, again while wearing mask and gloves, before units are individually wrapped in paper and boxed up in a clean environment.  We hope that everyone is making the best of this unexpected free time and spending as much time as possible woodworking.  I can always be found @Dave_makes_magport on Instagram.



  • What are the shipping cost to Canada?

    Garry Nolan
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  • Hi
    I came across your product on line. I have a garage shop with most machines having 4” dust ports. Your web page mentions that your product is for machines that do not have dust ports but does anyone ever use your product as a quick connect to switch the collector hose between machines? The dust hose connections in my shop are friction fit and are not really effective and therefore come loose frequently. Also, just wondering if you currently have stock as I noticed that your last blog entry was a while ago ( last year). I look forward to hearing from you.

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