Covid Update

Fortunately, before the worldwide shutdown, we were able to stock up on all of the materials we need to make Magports for many months into the future.  Therefore, we are still on a schedule of shipping 1.5 weeks from order date, and in some cases, even sooner.  Our production is limited to only a few people, myself included, where conveniently we wear masks and gloves to protect ourselves from material contamination, thereby protecting the consumer as well.  The very final stage of assembly involves a thorough cleaning using solvents, again while wearing mask and gloves, before units are individually wrapped in paper and boxed up in a clean environment.  We hope that everyone is making the best of this unexpected free time and spending as much time as possible woodworking.  I can always be found @Dave_makes_magport on Instagram.



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  • Hi Dave,

    Just ordered a bunch of your kit. It’s a great idea you had and a brilliant innovation. I wish you the greatest success in continuing to grow your business.
    Joseph Crowe
  • Hello Dave
    The port on my desk collector is 6 inches by bandsaw has a 5 inch port and I have four other machines with 4 inch ports
    Can you tell me what items I need to connect my 6 inch dust collector to the five and 4 inch ports—Each machine connects directly to the portable dust collector as needed
    Thank you

    Lance Kelly

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