Crazy Few Months!

Hey there, it's Dave.  The past few months at Magport have been an incredible ride.  Once every decade or so I experience what I believe is a Renaissance in my life, a sort of rekindling of creative drive and desire.  Just like any journey, the road of life is long and interests wax and wain.  While still designing and making furniture I have consistently sought out other disciplines and trades hoping to learn new things that will improve my woodworking, my eye toward design, and all other passions and hobbies.  That's why Magport, I believe, has been the driver of my current experience.  Magport has given me the opportunity to dive into product design and manufacturing in a way I've only ever dreamed.  While I'm not always the best communicator, my passion and hard work lies within the product itself.  Throughout the long days, nights, and weekends I've been working to keep up with demand, I've grown stronger and more resolute about my place on this earth as a maker.  I thank you for the support that makes this possible!



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