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My interest in social media wavers from season to season, but the past few months I've been posting a lot on Instagram.  It's a place where I can show pics of the day to day activities in my shop making Magport and completing commission woodwork and related projects that is visual based and laid back.  It's been a blast to serve the Magport community and the feedback from our products has been amazing.  I have never been happier to have so many products go to so many woodworkers and learn that it really works for people.  Thank you so much! Find me on Instagram at dave_makes_magport today.


  • Hi Dave, do you sell a mag port 5" starter kit. Right now I need three 5" mag ports, would like to possibly purchase three 5" mag ports three hose clamps and three short pieces of 5" hose. Thanks Bill

    William Rogalski

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