New Products for Converting Hose Sizes

It seems like with every passing year there are more and more options when it comes to hose size (and port size), on dust collection and on woodworking machinery.  That's why I've been working to create solutions for converting between different common flex hose sizes. (I've also made many Magports in custom sizes, please inquire)  The following is a series of products that enable several different hose sizes to be used with standard-size Magport fittings.

First up is this simple bushing:  This bushing fits the 4" Magport and increases the diameter to fit a 5" flex hose. 


This bushing can also be used directly over a 4" port to increase the port diameter to 5" OD

5" Magports can then be used in this configuration.

The next solution is also a bushing and converts the standard 4" Magport for use with 120mm hose.


This can be used on the 4" Magport itself or on the 4" machine port, to connect to 120mm hose.


The third solution is an addition to the 5" Magport lineup: the 5"-4" reducer.  This unit mates with the 5" family of Magports but connects to a 4" hose. 

Here is the 5"-4" reducer connected to a regular 5" Magport unit.

And here they are side by side:

And with hoses attached:



The addition of these products make the possible configurations of Magport nearly endless. 






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  • I order back March 27 (4) Magport 4" and (1) 4" to 2.5" reducer order #7027. Love the product and want to reorder the same thing. I can’t find the 4" to 2.5 reducer. I have tried searching by description and looked at every picture.
    Again great product just want to order more.

    Let me know what I need to do to complete my order.



  • Hi do you ship to Europe? Thanks Vlad

    Vladimir Teplik

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