This is my first experience doing packaging on any scale, whatsoever.  But I have to say, it's been fun!  Making furniture on commission doesn't give you the freedom to try and fail the way product manufacturing does.  Furniture materials are so expensive that when it comes to the execution you gotta get it right or pay the price.  And all the lessons learned making only one of something can't be applied until some unknown time in the future.  Here though, making mistakes doesn't always come with heavy consequences and lessons learned are immediately applied.  After all, destroying a few units often results in the overall improvement of the process.  Maybe my attitude is due to my inexperience in product manufacturing and maybe I experienced this trial and error process earlier in my furniture career but I've lost touch with the excitement that comes along with learning something new.  In any case, the variety of materials and the elegance of the process has made this entire endeavor worthwhile.

Making a stamp with the 3D printer:


Well done!  I'm free to make mistakes like this: In order to press the magnets I use heat to soften the flanges .  My friend gave me an oven to use as a dedicated shop fixture and I put the first batch of flanges way too close to the electric heating element!  It didn't smell as bad as I expected.









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