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Hello!  Ever since we were featured in Fine Wood Working we've been experiencing an overwhelming amount of orders.  I want you to feel confident that if you've made a purchase with us you will be receiving your products very soon.  We are beginning to ship consistently on Thursday 8/13.    

We aren't sacrificing a fraction of quality despite the massive increase we are experiencing.  This is what is taking so long.  This uptick has forced upgrades and retooling that has cost us time, but increases productivity in the long run.  

To our customers who have ordered:  We sent out an email to all those who left one on our form so if you haven't received it, please check your spam.  We've also called and left messages with several for whom we didn't.  I also spoke to some customers and their response and excitement toward the product has been super encouraging.  

I'm so excited to be a part of Magport and I am working hard every day to get our products out the door.

Please hang in there!






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