Online Store Update!

We are making fittings and shipping boxes every day!  But we're a little behind.  About 1.5 weeks behind.  If you are on the fence about making a purchase, I realize it may not seem worthwhile to buy products that have written in their description, "Ships in about 2-3 weeks," but the real number is about 1.5 weeks.  We are still working to keep up with orders while at the same time creating new tooling, jigs, and fixtures to make Magports faster and better.  We are also releasing several new products this year like the 4" Bolt-On shown below.  It is designed to be attached to machines that lack proper dust ports or shop-made dust collection shrouds for chop saws or contractor table saws

Please keep a lookout for a few more products that will be debuted and up for sale over the next few months.  I expect the Bolt-On unit to be for sale by early April.  

We have also added the ability to purchase individual 4" clamps and 4" hose segments.  We're aiming to provide every piece of the puzzle while creating a Magport based dust collection system.  

Thank you for reading!




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