Two New Products!

The month of April has been a rollercoaster.  As I'm trying to keep up with commission furniture projects, lay groundwork for new furniture projects with new and repeat clients, and continue to develop Magport, my mind has little time to rest.  Fortunately, the Magport concept seems to adapt itself as it seems to endlessly find its way into more and more useful configurations.  

I'm proud to offer two new products which will soon be available here on  Introducing the Magport Blast Gate, and the Magport 4"to 2" reducer fitting.  These developments make adapting the Magport system into an existing workshop easier, or can make setting up a new system a breeze.

First, the Magport Blast Gate attaches to either a 4" flex hose or 4" solid ductwork on one side while providing a quick disconnect to a 4" Magport on the other.  At the same time, the blast gate gives the user control over which machine receives vacuum support, further integrating the magnetic benefits of Magport into concepts we already know and understand.  

Second, the 4" to 2" reducer broadens the adaptability of the Magport system by constraining the large 4" hose down to a 2" flex hose fitting size which is more suitable for routers, sanders, and vacuum wands.  Furthermore, the use of standard PVC schedule 40 dimensions, listed <a href="" target="_blank">here</a></span> makes it possible to adapt to and from Magport products by simply visiting your nearest home improvement store's plumbing section.       

The versatility this combination of products offers is incredible.  I've found my workflow has improved dramatically as switching hoses takes a fraction of the time, allowing me to focus more on what's important, the woodwork itself... Which is what I need to go do right now.  Adios! 




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