What's in the Cost of Magport

Magport products cost what they do because they are handmade, by me, in my shop in St. Louis, MO.  These products are the beginning of what I hope to be a success story that brings ground-level, woodworker-generated innovation to the world of dust collection and woodworking in general.  I am a passionate woodworker and maker, working in the field, as a student and professional, for over 14 years.  Although, like most woodworkers, my passion began much earlier.

I consider these first products Beta Versions (v2.2).  Meaning that if you buy into this concept, you are among the very first to use these products beyond myself and my close friends.  You are supporters and testers of an idea that not so long ago lived only in my shop, known only to a few people.  Two years of research and development has gone into Magport and I believe it's finally ready for its debut.

Back to the cost factor.  As I said, I make these by hand using raw materials and straight forward woodworking techniques.  There are fixed costs such as the PVC plastic used in the flange and the hose collar, the powerful neodymium (rare earth) magnets, expendables like routers and router bits used in the various machining operations, and packaging and labeling.  Many of these costs will reduce as my operation is scaled up, and the savings will eventually be passed on to the consumer as I seek to produce these products by the thousands.

Another very critical step forward that your backing facilitates is the development of plastic injection molds that can one day reduce the handwork each product requires and further lower the price to the end user, you.  At the same time, plastic injection molding will allow experimentation with various compositions of plastics, allowing us to discover which composition provides the best durability and highest quality products possible.  Anyone who has studied plastic injection molding knows that molds are expensive to make and large volumes of product are necessary in order to make the molds happen.

That's why, aside from being handmade, I consider these the Beta Versions.  You, as the first users of these products will have an opportunity to share your experience, post photos of your setups, and give your feedback to me, the maker of Magport.  Since woodworkers and makers are a creative bunch I really look forward to seeing how Magport is implemented in all shops ranging from small garage shops to full scale mill shops and everywhere in between.  I feel that having had the opportunity to pursue my dream of woodworking for a living is a gift beyond gifts, and Magport is my small way of making a contribution to an industry where so many amazing makers have come before me.  


Showing my good friend the very first Magport prototype on my wedding day in 2016.



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